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    Due to covid Nichol End has made the difficult decision to close for winter.


    We plan to reopen on April 2nd 2021.  We do have a small stash of frozen scones and cake.  If you have a sconmergency and call in advance we can arrange for collection on your way past.

    Boat Hire

    While we are closed we can offer boat hire on an appointment basis.  Its very weather dependant, so give us a ring a day or two and advance and we can arrange this for you.  Someone is pottering about most of the time, but we are making a point of being at the end of the phone from 9.30 -11.30 each day. 

    Chandlery & Gift vouchers

    Happy to arrange vouchers by email / phone.  We are also happy to organise shop or chandlery sales by appointment.  Give us a ring and we will check stock and arrange a collection time.  The phone is normally manned from 9.30 - 11.30 each day.


    We are unlikely to be able to squeeze in any larger boats, but may be able to fit in a couple more boats upto 20ft in length.  Please ask for details.

    Members and Berthholders

    Are welcome to use the site even when we are closed.  Members - call us in advance and we will have a boat / boats ready for you and rescue cover on standby.  Bertholders - someone will be onsite daily for a minimum of 9.30 -11.30am (usually longer).