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We are now open for boat hire.

Until the 4th of July there is a very limited number of sessions.  Changing facilities are unavailable before the 4th of July, so you either need to choose a rowing boat or a canoe which you can hire without getting changed.  If you want a paddleboard or kayak you need to come already changed into your own wetsuit or get changed in your car...

From the 4th of July changing facilities will be open (we think - still waiting for the detailed guidance), and we will gradually increase the amount of hire available over the next few weeks.

If you want to hire a boat, you need to 

1) Make a booking for briefing time and a changing room. This helps us stagger arrivals and helps with social distancing. If everything goes to plan we it means our store master will be ready to hand out your buoyancy aids and wetsuits on arrival and half an hour later an instructor will be ready to get you ready to go on the water. This choice also books your changing room for the period.

2) Book your boats.  Boats are booked for 2 hours but are allocated on a morning or afternoon basis. 

In terms of timings,

  • We allow 5 minutes to issue your buoyancy aid and wetsuits on arrival, then
  • Allow 30 minutes for you to get changed.  This could be one person taking a while or depending on your group you could split into 2 halves and get one half changed in 15 minutes then the other half.
  • We then have 10 minutes booked with one of our instructors to give you a briefing and sort out your boats.
  • You then spend 2 hours on the water and your changing room will be waiting for you once you finish.
  • We allow 30 minutes to get changed once you are off the water.  

It is critical that you arrive on time as we will have a new group arriving every 10 minutes at peak times. There is a little leeway built into the session end times, but only the 30 minutes changing in the arrival time. If you are late we will do our very best to sort out your briefing as soon as possible but there may be a substantial delay. We will extend your time on the water if we can, but in high season it is likely that another group will be booked and we need a substantial amount of time to clean your changing room and boats between uses…


Changing Room Options

1) No changing needed.  For rowing boats, canoes or if you have your own wetsuits, and you either plan to wear them on arrival or do the shuggle behind your car...   Please note we have not built changing time into this option. So we expect you to arrive ready to go on the water at the appointed time…

2) Private indoor Changing.  This is where you book a changing room for just over 3 hours in the morning or afternoon. The changing room will be cleaned before your arrival, it’s yours for just over 3 hours then we ventilate it and deep clean it before the next arrival.  We will have 1 individual changing room (sorry no shower), 2 family ones, 2 group ones and a disabled one (with a shower and a loo).  Please choose one that is just big enough for your group!  The disabled one would also suit a family or small group, we want to reserve it for disabled people or those with mobility problems initially, if it is the only one left it is ok for anyone to book it.  These will have simple locks on them, so you can leave your personal belongings if you wish at your own risk.  At the moment we are assuming this will be allowed, but we are waiting for the detailed government guidance to confirm.  If we are not able to open indoor changing, we will contact you to make alternative plans.

3) Private outdoor tent changing.  A space in a marquee in the car park 2m by 3m.  These will be cleaned before each group and again are yours for the duration.  They will be equipped with 3 chairs and some clothes hooks.  You can leave (non-valuable) belongings at your own risk but be aware that there is no lock or other security provided.  It may be worth bringing a spare towel or yoga mat to make the tarmac a bit more comfortable...