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Kayak FAQ's

Why is kayak hire not available today?

The usual reason is that its too windy / gusty. Occasionally its due to staff illness – we are obliged to have a rescue boat on standby and a first aider available whenever you are on the water, if that member of staff is ill it make take us a while to arrange a replacement. Very occasionally most of the kayaks (usually singles) will be booked out for the day - the remaining boats are hired on a first come first served basis.

How old do you have to be to paddle a single boat?

Most eight-year olds can manage a single boat for at least a short while. Children are individuals so hard and fast rules are difficult – one of our daughters was paddling solo at 5, some kids struggle even once they are eight. The weather on the day plays a big part – wind is the enemy! Strength and body mass help a lot. Staff are always happy to advise, and we can equip you with a tow line if a helping hand may be needed.

How old do I need to be to go on a kayak?

This is very weather and individual dependant. In warm, no wind conditions we have had children as young as a year out for a trip with parents. (although consider a rowing boat or canoe for the under 2’s – its easier to manage) It becomes much easier at 2-3 years old. Short fun trips are recommended – ideally within sight until everyone gains some experience and confidence. We have wetsuits suitable from about 2 years and lifejackets from birth. Please always have a chat with staff on duty – we will do everything we can to help and advise so you can have a fun safe trip. Ultimately its down to the weather – its best to wait for ideal conditions in this situation.

I’m not sure what boat to book for our group, help?

Feel free to phone for a chat. Assuming boats are available we are always happy to swap you round on the day if it becomes apparent that something else will work better. Occasionally we will insist on a swap to more suitable boats – this is not necessarily due to you booking the ‘wrong’ boat but less than ideal weather on the day!

Should I choose a sit on or sit in boat?

Sit ons are ideal for most customers most of the time, they are much lower risk than a sit in. If you have previous experience, then a sit in may be the boat for you. We are always happy to discuss this.

Can I have a spray deck with my boat?

Yes. But only if you need it and can use it.

Will I get wet?

A wet bottom is par for the course with a sit on. You can either borrow a wetsuit, or if it’s a very warm day change when you get back (or dry off in the sun). In cold conditions we may insist you borrow a wetsuit.

Can I take our dog?

Yes we are happy for dogs to use our boats.  Most dogs do fine in canoes or rowing boats.  Some dogs enjoy kayaking and paddleboaridng - its very much an individual thing!

Any other questions?

Pop in, call us on 017687 73082 or drop an email to