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    Moorings at Nichol End

    Nichol End has moorings available for cruisers on the Jetty, and as swinging moorings on the lake.

    Shallow Moorings are also available for boats under 16ft.

    Dinghies can be stored on trailers on the hard, or on a shallow mooring.

    Canoe and Kayak storage is also available on our canoe rack.

    Moorings include use if the Bertholders showers and toilets 24hrs a day, and also a discount of 20% in the cafe and 10% in the shop.

    Moorings on South Jetty - Keswick Launch Call's South Jetty in Winter South Jetty in Summer
    North Jetty North Jetty and Swinging Moorings


    South Jetty in winter



    Summer Moorings

    Moorings are avalible all year round.  As well as permanent moorings we can offer short (days - weeks), or medium (months) term stays.  

    Please drop us a line to enquire about short and medium stays.