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Hire a Rowing Boat at Nichol End and explore Derwentwater!

Hiring a Rowing boat is one of the most cost effective ways for a family to explore the lake, it is also a very traditional means of transport.  It is ideal for landing on the various islands, allowing you to explore the lake.

Our rowing boats are unique in that they were built at Nichol End by a tradional wooden boat builder.  He made a classic clinker boat then made a fiberglass mould from it, from which our rowing boats are now made.

The boats come in 2 sizes:-

Small - suitable for 4 people and has 1 set of oars.  These are £12.00 per hour for the first hour then £8 for each extra hour.

Large - Suitable for upto 6 people, and has 2 sets of oars.  These are £15 for the first hour and £10 for each extra hour.

 Book with Booking Bug:-

Book below.  This will minimise the paperwork on the day and will ensure that there is a boat avalible for you.  Most of the time we have more boats than demand - so you can simpily turn up without prebooking, and we will sort you out.  This can take a little longer, and there may be a delay before a boat is avalible.