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Learn to windsurf at Nichol End!

Nichol End is a great place to learn to windsurf.  We have modern beginers kit, great instructors (enthusiastic, RYA qualified and very experienced) and  a lovely lake to get started on.  You can book 1:1 or small group lessons, or join one of our windsurfing clubs which is a great way to gain experiance and progress once you have learned the basics. 

starting off windsurfing one of our pupils on his first lesson!
Demonstration at St Herbert's Island on Derwentwater  

1.  Will I get wet?
Almost certainly, although with modern sails, boards and techniques we have an occasional pupil who gets through a lesson without falling in!

2. How long will a session last? 1.5 - 2 hours is ideal for a beginers session.  We can offer anything upto full day and even multiday courses.

3.  How old do I have to be?  Generally 11years onwards.  We do have the odd younger pupil who does very well, but this depends on mental attitude, body mass & strength, wind conditions and temperature.  Please speak to us before booking a younger person for windsurfing.

4. Are wetsuits provided?  Yes, we maintain a range of hire wetsuits that are avalible for use at no extra charge.

5. What should I wear on my feet?  Footware is mandatory and is not provided.  A pair of wet slippers (which can be bought in the shop) or old trainers that you don't mind getting wet are ideal.

6. How much does it cost?  See here for current fees.  This is per person, and includes wetsuits, buoyancy aids, showers, parking...

7. How far in advance do I need to book? Generally a weeks notice is fine, if you are set on a particular day and time then booking further in advance will ensure that you get it.  Often we can fit you in with 24hrs - 48hrs notice.  If you are in the lakes on holiday, we allways advise that you book your session for the earlier part of your holiday - this means if poor weather causes cancellation we have a bigger chance of fitting you in later.

8.  Can someone else come along?  Each instructor can take a maximum of 6 people.  If you decide to bring a friend it is ok as long as the total number is less than 6 - if you are bringing more than 6 we need to know in enough time to make an extra instructor avalible.  Please give us a quick call so we can ammend the booking so the instructor knows to have more boards and sails ready for the start off your session.  We can sort out any fee difference on the day.  Please also note that less people means more instructor time each and a better learning experience.