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Work Experience for year 10's

We are always happy to have students for work experience at Nichol End.  We normally aim to offer a 5 day program moving around the various departments, This involves time in

- The cafe.  This may include working with customers, clearing up, basic food hygiene, washing dishes.

- The shop - working with customers and staff, possibly working on displays or updating pricing, learning to use a till...

- On the beach / helping instructors.  Generally outdoors, this may be looking after kit or preparing for a session, helping customers with buoyancy aids and boats.

- An admin day.  We will give you a project to do in previous years this has included - designing an advert for a publication, planning an event, producing a small movie clip, building up a database of pictures, setting up a database on the computer, setting up treasure hunts on site...

- Something else!  This may be a day with site maintenance or workshop staff - although we cant always arrange this due to health and safety considerations.  We sometimes have school groups undertaking activities and these are generally happy to have you join in.  If none of these are possible you can choose to return to the area of your choice.

Each day you will be allocated to a member of staff who will be responsible for you for the day, you will work the same shift as them and report to them through the day.

When you come to Nichol End for work experience you will generally be asked to work from Sat - Wed or Wed - Sun.  We expect students to work their way around the 5 day plan above, if you want to concentrate on one aspect this is possible - we expect you to get in touch in advance and make a case to change the plan.  What do you want to do?, why?, what are the benefits to you?, what are the benefits to us?  Think about why we ask you to do the above activities.  If you make a good case and have obviously thought about it then we are unlikely to say no if it can be accommodated.

We are looking for students who are keen to work and learn and join in the activities (and controlled mayhem) that's going on.  If you get stuck ask, ask again if needed!, lend a hand to customers and staff, join in the gossip at tea time, if you see something that needs done suggest it...  

The dress code will depend on what you are doing that day - something we will organize the week before along with your shifts.  We will provide lunch each day.

To apply, drop us an e-mail at


Other opportunities for work experience and project work

We have occasional opportunities for students to join us for project work.  Projects that are coming up in the next 12 months that may be suitable include events management, marketing, video production, weather monitoring, setting up new activities.  Please contact us at if you might want to get involved.